Opinion: Should Emiliano Martínez remain the club’s number one goalkeeper?

Since coming off the bench in that disaster game against Brighton, Emiliano Martínez has been brilliant and must remain the number one goalkeeper until he shows us otherwise. He has made top saves, catches things you would not expect a keeper to hold onto and radiates a feeling of reassurance onto his defenders, a feeling that is perhaps slightly different when Leno is in between the sticks.

Though Leno has also been very good for us, their goalkeeping styles are different and I think this is why the fanbase are so pleased with Martinez’s performances. While Martinez is perfectly capable of using his feet when he needs to, he has no problem blasting the ball as far as possible if the situation calls for it. His style seems to be slightly more traditional and about safety as opposed to the modern ball playing goalkeepers that tend to raise the heartrate of the supporters. He likes to hold onto as much as possible, preventing rebounds and corners even at the expense of a great camera save.

While Leno is certainly unfortunate that he may well be on the sidelines for quite some time, it is important that Martinez is rewarded for his performances and the notion that no player’s position in the starting eleven is safe is drilled in at every opportunity.

2 thoughts on “Opinion: Should Emiliano Martínez remain the club’s number one goalkeeper?”

  1. I agree. Leno has to fight for his place when he returns. Places should be earned on merit not past form and it would send a bad message to the rest of the squad if Leno is just thrown straight back into the team. Martinez is the better commandor of his box, better distributor and makes more or less the same saves as Leno does too whilst making no errors. For me he’s better

  2. He is way more commanding in the box and has better distribution than Leno. That’s no disrespect to the latter who was a 7/10 but Martinez is an 8

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