Opinion: Aouar or Partey, who do we need more?

If everything falls into place and the stars align, maybe we’ll see Aouar and Partey sign for Arsenal before the deadline in October. However, it is more likely that only one of them will join the club in the next few weeks and that leaves the boss with a big decision. Which of them do we need more?

If it were up to me I would sign Aouar. While I do think that we need a defensive midfield player more than someone more attack minded, I think that a gifted player like Aouar is a rarity and therefore we should sign him while the opportunity still presents itself. He is 22 years old and looks to be available for somewhere around the £50m mark, which is not bad when you think about how highly he is rated across Europe.

Though I think Partey will add more balance to our side, I don’t think that we would have the hardest time finding a defensive midfield player elsewhere. For me, any opportunity to add great quality to this Arsenal side should be seized. Mohamed Elneny has also looked pretty good in this set up since his return and so I think we could make do with him and Xhaka as our defensive midfield options for another season.

In recent seasons there has certainly been a lack of quality and technical ability at the club. This quality is what separates the big sides from the smaller sides and though I do think that balance is important, we must look at adding talented players to this squad whenever we can. Having said this, hopefully they’ll both be Arsenal players come the 5th October.

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