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Ramsey confirms contract offer withdrawn by the club

Aaron Ramsey has revealed that in his mind he had reached an agreement with Arsenal regarding a new contract only for the club to perform a complete u-turn and withdraw the offer.

The 27 year old’s deal expires in June and he’s made it clear that it was the clubs decision to withdraw their offer rather than his own decision to walk away from negotiations.

This, his 11th season with the club looks set to be his last but he’s promised the Gunners faithful he will remain fully focused and make this a campaign to remember.

I know we’ve heard that kind of talk before but I’m confident Rambo won’t take his foot off the gas, at the end of the day he needs to earn a contract elsewhere and he strikes me as the type to want to prove the club were wrong to have withdrawn the offer.

I guess the first question as supporters we’re all asking is why?

Without the club coming out and clarifying their position all we can do is speculate. I’m not claiming to be ITK but I am going to make an educated guess based on the facts that have been presented to us.

Is it a footballing decision? Possibly.

Is it a financial decision? Perhaps.

If I was to guess I’d say it’s a combination of both…

I think we can all agree that since Unai Emery’s arrival Aaron Ramsey hasn’t been quite as effective. Now don’t take this the wrong way – I don’t think he’s played badly, he’s still worked extremely hard, pressed from the front and played an important part this season but in terms of his actual impact on the ball the game has passed him by at times.

However, that’s not just true of Aaron Ramsey, the same could be said about Mesut Ozil for the most part of this season.

The point I’m trying to make is that if Unai Emery’s system only demands hard work of players in that position than he could quite easily go and find another work horse who’d ask for half the wages. Therefore from a financial and footballing perspective it makes no sense for the club to fork out £200k a week when that money could be used to strengthen other areas of the team.

If Unai Emery is working to a tight budget in comparison to some of our competitors, which we believe to be the case then he’d naturally be reluctant to spend such a huge percentage of that to tie down a player who he feels is replaceable and has had his fair share of injury problems down the years.

Remember, this is not Arsene Wenger. Unai Emery has no loyalty to the player – yes, he spoke highly of him when he first arrived but opinions can change.

As an Arsenal fan I’ve grown quite attached to Aaron Ramsey so naturally I’m a little sad that he’s going to be leaving but that’s just the way things go sometimes.

I think he’s been somewhat unfortunate that the expiration of his contract coincides with a period of real transition at the club.

Let it be known that I don’t agree with those calling for him to be dropped, he can play a big part in helping us to achieve our goals this season and whilst hes under contract we’d be silly not to utilize him.

Emery will have known this was coming for a while and the fact that he’s kept him involved for me shows that the Spaniard has no concerns re his attitude or professionalism and so neither should we.

Speaking to the media the Welshman had the following to say…

“Am I disappointed? That’s a decision that they have made and things happen in football and you just have to get on with it and carry on playing the best I can. That’s all I am concentrating on and giving my best for Arsenal.”

“Would I stay for the rest of the season? Of course, yeah,”
“I am contracted to Arsenal and I am going to do my best now this season to try and achieve something special.”