Opinion: There are positives to take from last night’s game

Going into last night’s fixture we were all aware of the difference in quality between the two sides and it’s fair to say that the performance showed that. For me, the main positive from last night was that we didn’t go and get blown away in the first half. We remained well within the game up until the later stages and with some fortune could have grabbed a point. Taking all of this into consideration, I would say that the performance is reflective of the improvements we’ve seen under Mikel Arteta.

In recent years we’ve gone to Anfield and the game is over before half time. We’d turn up open and naΓ―ve to their attacking threat and before we know it the game would be far beyond our reach. However, last night we showed that we can make ourselves harder to beat and while our squad is not as strong as we would like it to be, that’s really all we can ask for.

Though we showed that we are certainly far from the finished article, we did show improvements and in the end a 3-1 defeat at the hands of the Champions is nothing to be ashamed of. I thought that Ceballos impacted the game well when he came on and if I’m not mistaken put Lacazette in on goal for what could have been the equalizer. On another night we could have grabbed that goal, and perhaps Mane could have been in serious trouble for that incident early on but it just wasn’t to be. We play them again on Thursday night and hopefully we can learn a bit from this game and go out against a weaker Liverpool side and progress to the next round.

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